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Welcome to Cruise Trail

Our Story

The story of Cruise Trail begins with a group of curious friends, and a year like none other.

Realizing that 2020/21 was to be a game changer for the travel industry, Mattias refocused his time into publishing all he knew about travel. With nearly 2 decades of travel industry expertise, he has solid, behind the scenes experience working with tour operators, airlines, IT providers, hospitality suppliers and cruise lines. And everything else in between that makes the travel industry tick.

And in an attempt to answer all the questions from friends, colleagues and travel industry contacts who want his thoughts, input and advice during these unprescented times, Cruise Trail was born.

When he realized he was onto something he enlisted the help of other travel professionals who have the experience of booking thousands of customers on all types of vacations around the world.

” Cruise Trail is not here to book your trip for you. We publish articles to help you understand the processes behind finding great deals on airfares, how prices are structured and what to look out for. We are here to give you as much information as possible in your planning process. And to give you great tips about destinations, cruise packages and so much more.”

During our careers we have lived and worked in 4 different countries on 3 different continents. We have travelled far and wide on each, both on land and at sea, for business and pleasure. But most often for both.

We hope to inspire and inform, and to help you re-discover adventure and plan your next vacation!

Mattias at Cruise Trail