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Hotels and accommodation

Hotels & Accommodation

An unforgettable trip should start with a hassle-free check-in upon arrival at your hotel or accommodation. Search & compare hotels worldwide with our trusted travel partner, or check out our favorite hotel recommendations for cruise travelers like you in Rome, Venice, Barcelona, the cruise port in Barcelona, and Athens and Piraeus.

Tours, excursions and transport.

Tours, Excursions & Transport

Plan your tours, excursions, and transportation with ease to complement your cruise vacation. Search and compare prices with our recommended partners for tours & excursions worldwide, claim your 5% discount code with Italy Tours EU, or check out our top shore excursions in the ports of Naples, Trieste, Ravenna, La Spezia, and find tours for food and wine in Italy. Did you know that the Amalfi Coast is easily accessible from Naples? Search, compare, and book your train tickets before you leave home, or find more popular routes for train tickets in Italy.

Compare and book cruises

Compare & Book Cruises

Book the journey of your dreams with your favorite cruise line to bucket-list destinations that everyone should visit at least once in a lifetime!

Discover a world of cruises at your fingertips!

You can search, compare and book the best cruise deals here with our travel partner Cruise Direct, and get inspired for your next cruise adventure!

Essentials for your next cruise vacation

Travel Essentials

Be sure to have the latest luggage, gadgets, carry-on baggage, and cruise cabin items for a stress-free holiday.

Read more to discover our 12 essential cruise trip items, our top cruise luggage pieces, and where you can find luggage storage facilities near your port if you have a day of sightseeing after your cruise ends before you head home.

Compare and book flights

Compare & Book Flights

Our recommended travel partners work with all major airlines to bring you competitive pricing and extra services you may need along the way, such as excess baggage, flexible tickets & more.

Our favorites include Kayak, Skyscanner, and Momondo. Book your ticket directly and save $$$ on cruise line airfares.