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There are several ways to book a hotel. You can contact the hotel directly, use a travel agent, or use one of many online hotel booking platforms.

For us, is the best option if you do not already have an established relationship with a hotel at the location you are visiting.

As travel agents, we used to book some hotels directly as we had worked with them for many years. Joining an “agent familiarization trip” was an ideal opportunity to stay at and experience the hotel ourselves before we felt we could recommend it to our clients. It was just one of many perks we enjoyed as travel agents. It also meant we could recommend a quality product that was tried and tested.

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7 reasons to book hotels via

Here are 7 reasons to consider using for your next hotel booking. We also include 3 things to be aware of to ensure you have a great booking experience.

1. Wide selection of accommodation options
Are you looking for a chic city apartment, a luxury beach resort, a villa, a guest house, or a cozy B&B in the countryside? provides impressive diversity and breadth of choice – all in one place. Each option includes detailed information should you travel with pets, suffer from allergies, or want generous change and cancellation terms.

2. Instant confirmation
Sending emails to hotels is sometimes a bit of a waiting game, and a 24-48 hour response time is not unusual. provides all relevant information on the property page, and when you book, you receive instant confirmation in your inbox.

3. Generous change and cancellation terms
For many accommodation options, bookings can be canceled free of charge.

Instant confirmation in combination with free cancellation is a great way to create a trip knowing you will have the option to make adjustments if prices drop or plans change.

4. Price match guarantee
We like it when service providers back up their promises with an explicit guarantee.

5. 24/7 support and customer service
Easily overlooked when making a booking, access to customer support at any time of day is critical should something happen, and you need help. Support is offered in more than 40 languages the most urgent issues are handled with the highest priority.

6. Flexible payment options
Choose to pay the Service Provider at check-in or pay in advance. Not all accommodation types offer all payment options, but when you search, you can use the filter to show properties with the payment options that suit you best.

7. Transparency is open about how they make money. There are no booking or administrative fees. receives a commission from the Service Provider once your stay is finished.

But do keep in mind that…

There are always two sides to a coin. If you keep the following 3 points in mind when booking your hotel, it can help you maximize the benefit of booking accommodation with From experience, I know we can sometimes be our worst enemies when we try to be too clever.

1. Be careful where you choose to save money
Do not make saving money the primary objective of the booking process. Be smart with your money but also keep your expectations in mind. Do not, for example, assume the hotel will have an extra bed for your son or daughter when booking a double room. Pay attention to details. For instance, breakfast options – are you comparing prices with and without breakfast included? Or bed configuration: if you book a double room, do not assume the hotel can give you two single beds when you check in. Be sure to pick the option that is right for you when booking.

2. Location, location, location
Staying outside a major city differs from staying at a centrally located hotel. Consider transportation time and cost before deciding that public transportation will be a fun experience for the family.

3. Check terms for changes and cancelation before you book
Check and double-check. does offer generous change and cancellation terms but not for all accommodation options. This is especially true for last-minute and promotional offers.