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When it comes to cruising, one of the most exciting aspects is the opportunity to explore new destinations and experience different cultures through shore excursions and guided tours. But with so many options available, deciding how to spend your limited time in port can be overwhelming.

We often would rather not be part of a big group of tourists. Jostling for a place at the front of the group so you can see the tour guide or having to keep up a certain pace all the time when we would rather have time to browse and meander ourselves is not our style.

But we still like to have a local expert to tell us what we are looking at. We love history and adventure travel, and after so many years of traveling, we can honestly say there is nothing like a local to show you around.

This is where ToursByLocals come in, offering private, unique, and better-value shore excursions in over 161 countries, hosted by friendly locals who know the area inside and out. It’s an immersive and authentic experience that doesn’t compare with any other kind of tour.

Test the Shore excursions finder for an easy and safe way to search and book pre- or post-cruise private shore excursions for your specific cruise departure. And the ToursByLocals NO ONE LEFT BEHIND GUARANTEE coupled with experienced local guides makes it a real win-win.  

ToursByLocals connects you with a friendly, experienced local guide in your destination. And that’s why we have teamed up to work with ToursByLocals and can highly recommend their guided tours for your next shore excursions.

With their reliable return-to-ship guarantee, you won’t have to worry about missing your ship’s departure time, as your guide will ensure you are back on board in plenty of time. We believe you’ll be in good hands and receive the high-quality experience that you want and expect when you are on vacation.

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5 reasons to book excursions and experiences with ToursByLocals

1. Port pick-up with private transportation
Convenient and safe taking all the worries away from your private shore excursion.

2. Value for money on your chosen tour or excursion
ToursbyLocals guides set the prices for their tours. The allowed number in one group may vary from tour to tour, so read the full description to find out what you get for your money and the maximum number allowed in the group. Just ask if you can’t see the tour you want, and you will get a personalized price quote. No tour guides expect a tip, and there is no need to leave gratuities. The fair prices include everything, and you pay for their knowledge, expertise, and time. If you like the tour, the kindest gesture is to leave a great review or recommendation!

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3. The locals know the best
A local tour guide can be like a friend showing you around their hometown. You get a personal glimpse into what life is like in the area, the local history, and where the best views, restaurants, and hiking paths are, to name just a few advantages. You don’t just brush the surface of the well-known tourist spots, you get a personal tour and the chance to ask questions and experience some hidden gems along the way.

4. Flexible
When you have chosen a tour, it is customizable, which means a very personal experience – and has flexible cancellation terms in case your plan changes.

5. Global service offerings
ToursByLocals offers private tours in Europe, Asia, the Caribbean, the Americas, Africa, and Australia/New Zeeland.

Top tips when choosing your shore excursion

1. Match the tour to your expectations
Ask yourself one question. What are my expectations? Read the tour descriptions for your chosen destination. Consider what is important to you and your family, and find a tour that matches you best. Don’t assume anything. Ask questions before you book if you are unsure.

2. The when and where
While this may sound incredibly obvious, from experience, I know how easy it can be to click and book and then discover that you have chosen the incorrect date or location. Check before you book and then again when you receive your email confirmation. It is also good to check your tour against your cruise itinerary and ensure it all works together.

3. Find a tour that suits all members of your family or group
Check that you are booking a tour or excursion suitable for everyone. Bear in mind the age of all travelers and any mobility issues. Be sure you are traveling comfortably with a tour that suits the pace you are looking for.

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