The Best Cabins On Board Celebrity Summit

Celebrity Summit is one of our favorite Celebrity cruise ships. Not least because it has undergone Celebrity’s “revolution” update from bow to stern. This cruise ship was first built in 2001 but was completely updated in 2016. So you can be sure that when looking for the best cabins Celebrity Summit will deliver a whole new level of elegant living.

Celebrity Summit is a “Millenium” class ship. Millenium class has four ships in total, built between 1999 and 2002. It has a capacity of 2218 guests on board. The sister ships to Summit are Millenium, Constellation and Infinity.

Two of the most asked questions from customers when booking a cruise are what dining options are included in the price, and how do we choose the best cabins Celebrity Summit has in the price range that suits our budget.

Let’s start by looking at the dining facilities on board before getting to the best cabins Celebrity Summit has to offer.

What complimentary dining does Celebrity Summit include in the price of a cruise?

The following dining options are included in the price when you book your cruise:

  • Main Dining Room – called the Cosmopolitan and open for all guests at breakfast, lunch and dinner. Dining times can be found on your cruise planner. Download the Celebrity app before you travel for access to all dining times and menus!
  • Luminae restaurant – if you are a suite guest.
  • Blu restaurant – if you are an Aqua class guest.
  • Oceanview Café – the buffet restaurant open for breakfast, lunch and dinner to all guests on the pool deck. This includes Scoops, which offers ice cream and gelato whenever you like. The buffet also offers complimentary hot and cold drinks to go with take-away cups and sleeves located at the beverage stations.
  • Spa Café – open to all guests for light, healthy alternatives for breakfast and lunch.
  • Mast Grill – a poolside burger café open from mid-morning until late afternoon.
  • Café Albacio – here you can have complimentary cakes, pastries and breakfast items that are included in your price. Speciality coffees are however extra, but are included if you purchase a beverage package.

What are the best cabins Celebrity Summit offers?


If you choose to book a suite, you become a Retreat guest. You have access to the exclusive Retreat lounge, the Retreat sundeck and have a dedicated butler service, premium beverage package and unlimited wifi. Often on board credit and/or shore excursion credit is included in your booking too.

You can choose between the following suites, all of which have spacious accommodations with lounge and dining areas and balconies or verandas.

  • Penthouse Suite
  • Royal Suite
  • Celebrity Suite
  • Sky Suite

Suites are located on decks 6,7,8 and 9 and you really cannot fault any of these locations, we would recommend them all.

Sunset Balcony Cabins

These balcony cabins are located at the back of the ship. There is a high demand for these sheltered balcony cabins with a view of the wake at the back. You get extra space on your balcony with 2 chairs and 2 sunloungers instead of the usual 2 chairs in standard cabins. Choose a cabin on deck 8. The cabin for 2 people has a small sofa and plenty of storage.

Aqua Class Cabins

Aqua class cabins all have a balcony. Plus you have exclusive access to the Blu restaurant for your dining, and unlimited access to the Persian Garden spa and relaxation area. Access is free but any treatments you wanted come at a charge.

We recommend cabins between 1114 and 1122 on sunrise deck 11. You will be aft (towards the rear of the ship) and close but not too close to stairs and elevators. Alternatively one of the very rear cabins looking over the wake as you sail – 1130, 1133, 1138, 1140 or 1141.

Concierge Cabins

Concierge class offers balcony cabins which are the same size as standard balcony rooms, but you get extra perks in the price you pay such as a concierge service, priority boarding and a welcome lunch.

Our choice is midship on deck 8 from cabin 8083 and 8098. Alternatively one of the sunset balcony cabins right at the back of the ship with a view of the wake, decks 7, 8 or 9. For example 7208, 8172, or 9162.

Balcony (Veranda) Cabins

A cabin with a balcony is perfect if you like a little outdoor peace and quiet to yourselves on vacation. You have a private balcony, oceanview, with 2 chairs and a small table.

A great choice is deck 7 midship, cabin numbers 7145 to 7160

Family Balcony Cabins

These balcony cabins have some extra space and sleep up to 5 guests. The total room size is  382-461 sq feet (35-42 square meters).

These cabins are right at the rear of the ship on decks 7, 8 and 9. We recommend choosing deck 7 or 8 for example cabin number 7202 or 8166.

Family balcony cabins on deck 9 are directly under the oceanview bar, so you could be in for a little disturbance from chairs scraping and music vibrations!

Ocean View Cabins

An ocean view cabin is a with a window and a great view of the ocean! Be careful to check when you book that you are not getting an obstructed view. Depending on which deck the lifeboats are, the lifeboats can totally or partially block your view.

Oceanview cabins are located on decks 2,3,6,7, 8 and 9 on board Celebrity Summit. We like aft cabins 7000, 7001, and 7008 to 7011.

Inside Cabins

Inside cabins are without a window. These are great cabins is you are wanting to cruise and stick to a strict budget, and do not plan spending a great deal of time in your cabin. There are the best priced cabins on board.

Go for midship on deck 8 is possible, for example cabins in the area of 8101.

Cabins to avoid on Celebrity Summit

Some cabins have an obstructed view. These are often a little less expensive but do beware when you book and ask the cruise consultant. These are some cabins on decks 6,7,8 and 9.

There are cabins that have a slightly smaller balcony. Now space out there with the table and chairs can be tight anyway, so be sure your cabin category has the largest possible balcony you can get for the price class. There are some cabins on deck 6,7,8 and 9 that have smaller balcones that are only semi-private. Check with your cruise consultant before booking so you don’t end up being disappointed when you get into your cabin.

What to do if you are unhappy with your cabin when you get on board.

Even with the best planning things can do wrong. If you are, for whatever reason, unhappy with your cabin once you have checked in and are on board your cruise ship, do not hesitate to speak to either your cabin steward, guest services, or the cruise director. I can assure you the cruise line want you to be a happy guest. Give them a chance to make things right so you sailaway starts out the right way.

At the very least take the opportunity to fill out the guest questionaire that cruise lines often distribute after a few days at sea. These are read, you could be contacted and problems can be resolved.

Our Celebrity Summit tip! Enjoy the sailaway party from the rooftop terrace on deck 12 instead of trying to find a spot at the crowded pool area on deck 11. Get your favorite drink and head on up the staircase to find seating easily on the rooftop terrace. You can a perfect view without jostling for a top viewing spot.

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