Northern Europe heats up with the new MSC Euribia cruise ship

MSC Cruises’ latest luxury liner, MSC Euribia, is set to elevate the cruising experience for travel enthusiasts opting to cruise the beautiful ports of Northern Europe.

On June 8th, 2023, the city of Copenhagen will host the launch as the new ship enters the waters off Denmark’s coastline. The sight of the beautiful hull art by artist Alex Flämig is highly anticipated, setting it apart from other ships in the fleet of MSC Cruises.

MSC Euribia will enjoy its inaugural sailing with the first guests on board on June 9th for a 2-night weekend escape cruise from Copenhagen to Kiel and back again. There are still cabins available, so if you are near Copenhagen on this date, take the opportunity to enjoy two days on a brand new cruise ship, with all this included in your price:

  • Luxury accommodation in the cabin category of your choice
  • All meals in the buffet restaurant or main dining room
  • Shows and activities
  • Youth and kids clubs
  • Pools and gym facilities

You can add the drinks package when you book your cruise if you like.

Once back in port, MSC Euribia continues to cruise the summer season in Northern Europe and the Norwegian Fjords from the embarkation ports, including Copenhagen, Amsterdam, and Southampton.

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With MSC Euribia, MSC Cruises demonstrates its commitment to innovation, sustainability, and unparalleled guest experiences. The ship boasts extensive amenities and entertainment options, ensuring a memorable voyage for all age groups. Their emphasis on eco-friendly technologies makes the MSC Euribia not only a luxurious choice for travelers but a responsible one.

The flagship is named after the ancient Greek goddess, Eurybia. She was considered to be the daughter of Gaia (the Earth) and Pontus (the Sea), and was believed to have the power to control the winds and the waves. In some traditions, she was also associated with the constellation of Virgo.

What to expect from MSC Euribia

MSC Cruises has long had a reputation for well-priced cruise experiences, primarily in Europe but also operating out of the port of Miami. Onboard is an international mix of passengers from all over Europe and the USA. The latest ships are sleek and elegant, the cruising is mixed with strong influences from its native Italy, and itineraries are everything you expect from a major cruise line.

MSC Yacht Club

And the top end of MSC Cruises prices are cabins dedicated to the exclusive MSC Yacht Club. Ideal if you are looking for a more luxurious experience, with more privacy away from the crowds. Amenities include a dedicated lounge, personalized service, and high-end accommodations.

Ocean Cay Aquapark

One of MSC Euribia’s major attractions is the Ocean Cay Aquapark. This innovative water park offers thrilling water slides, splash zones, and a variety of aquatic activities, providing endless fun for guests of all ages.

Carousel Lounge

The Carousel Lounge is a multifunctional entertainment venue featuring innovative design and technology. Guests can enjoy a range of performances, including live music, theatrical productions, and interactive shows.

Dining Venues

MSC Euribia offers a diverse array of dining venues to suit every taste, including:

  • Main dining rooms serve a variety of international cuisines
  • Casual buffet options for quick and easy meals
  • Specialty restaurants showcasing flavors from around the world


Guests can relax in an array of inviting pools, each designed to offer a unique experience. Options include family-friendly pools featuring splash zones, adults-only pools for a serene atmosphere, and a dedicated pool for MSC Yacht Club guests.

Deck Plans

The deck plans of MSC Euribia showcase its impressive array of features and amenities, offering guests a visual representation of the ship’s layout. From accommodation options to dining venues and recreational activities, guests can easily plan their onboard experience.

LED Screen

A standout feature of MSC Euribia is its large LED screen, showcasing entertainment content, important information for guests, and adding a touch of modern technology to the cruising experience.

The MSC app – download before you leave home

To access all the information about your booking, your cruise itinerary, daily activities on board, booking restaurants, and much more, download the MSC app, MSC for Me, free before you leave home.

MSC Cruises drinks packages – are they worth it?

Like cruising with all other MSC ships, the drinks package is optional when you book. And while MSC Cruises manage to keep the prices of the beverage packages lower than many other cruise lines, it still is a large chunk of your vacation budget to splash out – so do the math and be sure that it’s for you before you purchase.

One thing is for sure – it is almost always cheaper to purchase the drink package before your cruise compared to buying it on board the cruise ship. There are five packages to choose between:

  • Easy package
  • Easy Plus package
  • Premium-Extra package
  • Alcohol-Free package
  • Minors package

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MSC Euribia cruise itineraries

With cruises onboard MSC Euribia departing from Keil, Hamburg, Copenhagen, or Amsterdam (Rotterdam), Le Havre, Southampton, and Zeebrugge (Brugges), you can visit stunning destinations in Northern Europe, including the Norwegian Fjords.

Expect unique experiences and breathtaking scenery. You can look forward to exploring awe-inspiring natural wonders with stops at some of Norway’s most picturesque locations. Known for its glaciers, mountains, and deep coastal fjords, Norway offers boundless opportunities for nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts.

  • One of the highlights of MSC Euribia’s Northern Europe itinerary is a visit to Geiranger, a UNESCO World Heritage Site known for its incredible fjords and enchanting waterfalls.
  • The charming city of Alesund, with its distinctive Art Nouveau architecture, is another compelling stop on this fascinating journey.
  • The charming village of Flåm, situated at the inner end of the Aurlandsfjord, is recognized for its impressive railway and idyllic setting.

These itineraries are designed to provide travelers with an unforgettable cruise experience on board the MSC Euribia. With each destination promising to astonish and inspire, you are sure to create lasting memories on your cruise.

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Sustainability and Environmental Initiatives

MSC Euribia sets a high benchmark for sustainability and environmental initiatives in the cruise industry. One of the main features of this new ship is its use of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG), which significantly reduces the emission of greenhouse gases and other pollutants. As a result, MSC Euribia meets and even surpasses current environmental regulations.

The ship is also equipped with advanced onboard wastewater treatment systems. These systems ensure that wastewater discharge meets the highest international standards, further protecting the marine environment.

Energy efficiency is another core principle of MSC Euribia’s design. The ship features state-of-the-art technologies and methods to conserve energy and reduce fuel consumption, such as LED lighting and optimized hull design.

This contributes to a lower carbon footprint and allows MSC Cruises to provide a more environmentally responsible cruising experience for its passengers.

Furthermore, the vessel incorporates a cutting-edge radiated noise management system. This system mitigates the underwater noise generated by the ship’s operations, thus limiting the disturbance to marine life and contributing to preserving the marine ecosystem.

By integrating these innovative technologies and practices, MSC Euribia exemplifies the cruise line’s commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship, serving as a model for future ships in the industry.

Now that’s something we should all consider further when choosing future cruises, don’t you agree?

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