Princess Cruises – Medallion Class and your Ocean Medallion

Princess Cruises has recently changed how guests cruise. Changes such as emergency drills, booking dining, and checking in, to name a few. All these have been made to enhance the guest experience, which starts even before you board your Princess cruise ship. All their cruise ships have now been given the Medallion Class experience. And you manage your Medallion Class cruise through a digital portal called Ocean Medallion.

Read on to find out more, it’s not as difficult as it seems, and there are options for you to manage your Medallion Class even if you are not a smartphone user.

What is the Medallion Class Experience?

The Medallion Class experience is a way to customize your cruise experience onboard.

After planning and booking your cruise, download the Medallion Class app Ocean Ready for your smart photo. This is an easy way to get started customizing your booking. If you don’t have a smartphone, don’t worry; you can do everything via the in-cabin TV screen or digital screens around the cruise ship.

Via the app, do the following:

  • Add your reservation number
  • Upload all your travel documents before you leave home using the instructions in your booking. You can do this for party members if you have their travel documents handy.
  • Take your photo and upload it to your booking.
  • Order your Ocean Medallion. This is a coin-sized waterproof wearable device that you use onboard. You can select to have it delivered to your home address or pick it up at onboard check-in.

The app also enables you to do the following:

  • Locate guests in your party or family members and send them a message
  • Easily find your way around the ship using the navigation option
  • Enjoy an online casino or card game with their “sports book” option
  • Join in interactive games onboard
  • Get pool-side towels delivered
  • Make pre-purchases
  • Book restaurants
  • Fast check-in and boarding

Booking wifi on a Medallion Class cruise

Princess Cruises Ocean Ready app allows you to purchase a wifi package. Note that the app works without you having to buy an internet package. But if you want to send emails, stream, or text family back home, you will need an onboard internet package. Princess Cruises call this Medallion Net. It will be less expensive to purchase before you travel compared to onboard prices.

How does the Ocean Medallion work?

Your Ocean Medallion is sent to you by post before you cruise, or you collect it at check-in onboard the ship. While your Ocean Medallion comes with a lanyard, you may want to customize how you carry it by purchasing a necklace or bracelet from the cruise line. Personally, we prefer wearing it on our wrist. Your medallion will be black, red, silver, blue, or gold, according to your membership status.

Your Ocean Medallion will enable the following:

  1. Touchless opening of your cabin door
  2. Use in the casino as identification
  3. Pay for your shopping onboard
  4. The Medallion also lets the crew know where you are, so if you order a drink using the app, for example, they can find you to bring it to you. If you do not want this option, you can turn it off by selecting “safety only”. After that, the Ocean Medallion will only be used for any payments you make, for identification, and access to your stateroom.
  5. Your Ocean Medallion also enables your room steward to see if you have left your cabin so they can take care of room service in the mornings.

Princess Cruises makes changes to dining times

Princess Cruises no longer have set dining times. The “Dine My Way” concept means you dine whenever you like. Dine My Way can be applied to dining in the Main Dining room or at the Specialty Restaurants for pre-booking your restaurant choice and dining time.

Use the app on your smartphone to make a booking at your chosen restaurant or at the main dining room, or visit them when you get onboard to make a booking in person.

If you prefer to eat at the buffet restaurant or the popular International Cafe, you can turn up when you like without pre-booking.

Emergency drills onboard Princess Cruises

Emergency drills are an integral part of ensuring the safety and security of passengers on board Princess Cruises. These drills are mandatory, and you watch them on your TV in your cabin to familiarize yourself with the emergency procedures and to ensure that you are prepared in an emergency.

You must watch the emergency drill, known as the Muster Drill, and familiarize yourself with the ship’s safety procedures. Do this when you first get on board and before the ship departs from the embarkation port.

Princess Cruises will know when you have watched it in your cabin as it will be registered. You then make your way to your designated assembly stations and report there, usually indicated on the back of your cabin door or through clear signage throughout the ship. Then you’re done. It’s a good, smooth system.

Princess Cruises Plus Fare – what is it, and is it worth it?

We think Princess Cruises’ “Plus Fare” is good value.

Plus Fare means you upgrade your booking to include onboard wifi, beverages, and gratuities. What this entails is:

  • Wifi on one device at a time. If you want to use wifi on more devices at any one time, upgrade to include as many devices as you need and pay the difference in cost.
  • Beverage package that offers a maximum of 15 alcoholic drinks per day within 24 hours, each drink up to a maximum of $12. It is better value if you are a family with children.
  • Prepaid gratuities, so you don’t have to think about tipping onboard. It is a fixed fee you pay in advance.

To get the Princess Cruises Plus Fare, this must be chosen at the time of booking or before you travel for all guests sharing the same cabin.

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