7 ways to start saving for your dream cruise

A well planned trip will create bonds, shared references and memories impossible to value in cents and dollars. But nevertheless trips do cost money. Here are some tips on how to start saving for that trip of your dreams.

After all, we find that a little bit extra goes a long way to make a trip even more memorable.

So let’s get going – the solution is to start saving for that trip well in advance.

Here are our 7 top tips on how to start to save to reach your goal.

1. For the cash-flow rich individuals

If you have a job that pays you enough to live really well – Congratulations! 

You do not really need any help. You just need to change your habits to start saving for that trip.

It may be as simple as using public transportation instead of expensive city parking or skipping that cappuccino on your way to work.

You just need to take action and start saving for that trip. Just put some of your salary into savings. 

A little goes a long way if you are consistent and start in time.

2. The 30 day rule and how it helps you start saving for that trip

It is really simple and it works. When you want to make a purchase, set the money aside for 30 days. If you still want to buy it after 30 days have passed – then go for it. If not, you still have the money you set aside.

So why is this clever? First of all, setting aside the money for 30 days before making the purchase is a good test to see if you are really able to survive without this money.

Secondly, and more importantly, within a week or so most of us would forget about making most purchases and then we are indeed saving money.

Try it, it does work and it will help you start saving for that trip in no time.

3. Start saving using automatic transfers from your account to savings

Just do it, set up an automatic transfer and then let it do its thing. 

I look at it like this, the first expense I have after salary is to pay myself for savings and investments.

No excuses, just do it.

You think you cannot affird to do it? Start with a small amount. But do start saving for that trip today.

4. Trim and cut…Check what you are paying for every month 

I truly believe you are smart and motivated. And because of that you need to take inventory of what you are actually spending your money on. 

Some things you may be able to cut altogether. Great!

Other service providers – typically where you have been a customer for a while – calls need to be made. You will be surprised to find that the prices are lower today and guess what – they forgot to tell you.

I saved close to 25% in total when I questioned our monthly spend on our home security system, our home and car insurance and our cell phone services.

Just do it, it is just a few phone calls. But get yourself a coffee before dialing. You will be on hold for a while even though “your call is important to them”.

5. Look at your debt and see if there is money to be saved

If you have expensive credit card debts – look into Balance Transfer credit card deals.

Do you have expensive consumer or personal loans? Look into consolidating your loan into a more favourable type loan.

Sure you say, great advice but my credit score will not get me any good deals. You just answered your own question. You need to start by improving your credit score and your credit history

Do you have a mortgage? Make a call and set up a meeting. There may be a better deal to be had.

Just do it. We are not specialists in personal finance but there are several companies and organisations that can help you.

6. A budget will keep you smarter and help you start saving for that trip

Using a budget will give you two things.

A budget will help you control your spending and at the same time make you aware of how much you are spending on, for example coffees on the run.

It can be quite an eye-opener when we realise how much we spend on unnecessary things. Because after all, things like parking, snacks, coffees and other habits that do not really register can be quite costly when added up over time.

So, get a budget and go easy on yourself over the first couple of weeks. Remember that it is a learning process.

7 Make some extra income

So far we have talked about how we can spend less or spend smarter given the amount of money we have.

This is worthwhile and necessary, but there is also a limit to how much you can save. Right?

After all, you could theoretically never save more than what you spend. So there is a limit.

But when it comes to making extra money there is really no limit to how much you could make. 

There are easy ways where you can make some extra money online with no start-up costs. You are trading your time for money. This is a side hustle rather than building a business. 

Then there is of course also the online business where you need to spend some money.  

If nothing else, take one thing from this article. It is all about trying to make smart deliberate decisions that slowly but surely move you in the right direction. 

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