Staying healthy on cruise ships and sailing beyond Covid-19

Staying healthy on cruise ships and how cruise lines will return better and stronger than ever before

Staying healthy on cruise ships post covid will be a top priority for all of us when stepping on board our next cruise. The impact of Covid-19 sent devastating shockwaves throughout many industries. Not least the cruising industry that saw most of 2020 bookings and early 2021 bookings swept away in a tidal wave of cancelled cruises as country after country closed their ports.

But, better prepared than ever before, the cruise industry will return. Customers will choose to cruise once more and countries around the world will open their ports once again to the millions who are eager to spend their vacation money on the trip of a lifetime.

If I ask how many of you will cruise in 2022, you may not all raise your hand at once. But many of you will raise your hands.

The luxury of cruising is a hard act to follow when it comes to booking any other type of package holiday. After nearly 2 decades in the industry, we are certain that post-Covid will see a strong resurgence of cruising holidays.

And with generous re-booking options and cancellation rules, cruise companies are doing all they can to entice you back. Think cruise credits, free extras and fantastic upgrades.

Flexible options to book now and cruise later

The message is don’t be afraid to book now for later, and start planning for better times ahead. Lower deposits, later final payment dates, and refunds, future cruise credits or “life and shift” options in the event of cancellation are all on the table. Cruise lines must keep us happy to retain our business all the while trying to stay afloat themselves. All the while taking care of their crew and employees.

Speak to your cruise company directly to make sure you have full information when booking your future cruise. Request to pay the lowest amount of deposit possible. Then ask if they can extend the final payment date for you. This way you keep your money in your pocket as long as possible. 

For most of us, travelling is a part of us, a desire to explore, experience and learn about new lands. The flexibility a cruise allows enables us to do this whilst living with the comforts of home – and then some. We will return to our love of cruising. Hesitantly at first, perhaps. But cruising will remain one of the most luxurious and value-for-money holidays you will ever choose.

Protecting you and your neighbor and staying healthy on cruise ships

Staying safe on board post covid is the only way the industry will win back our trust in cruising again. No doubt the cruise lines will adhere to strict policies of testing and prevention. Cruise ships are being cleaned and sanitized multiple times during each day of cruising. Stopping the transmission of germs from the likes of bannisters, elevator buttons and door handles ensures staying healthy is their top priority. Together with reconfigured buffet dining options and new ship layouts, cruise lines have a long checklist of to-dos before they can launch again. 

Crew and passengers alike reminded of the importance of washing hands regularly throughout the duration of the cruise. Hand sanitizer dispensers are located throughout ships. It’s all about minimizing the risk of spreading germs and taking care of each other. The best way to protect yourself is to also protect your neighbor.

Cruise lines will ensure medical personnel on board are always available. Facilities on board allow isolation in the event a passenger does fall ill.

And what of vaccinations? Time will tell if all cruise lines will opt a mandatory proof of vaccine to be able to board the ship. And the same goes for airlines. We all go on vacation to escape our ordinary everyday – but how much freedom of choice will we really have? If we want to cruise we need to fall in line with protecting ourselves and our cruising neighbors, according to cruise line policy. Do this and we are back to enjoying cruising as we knew it.

Responsible tourism and new technology

More so now than ever before, cruise companies are focusing on the experiences they offer travelers across their fleets.  Through responsible tourism and investing in new technology,  reducing carbon emissions is a priority. Together with installing LED lighting on board that uses less energy to help keep our oceans as clean as possible.

Cruises around the world are gradually restarting. Eventually we will see a return of all the itineraries we know and love. And even more exciting the launch of brand new ships to destinations yet to be ticked off our bucket list.

It is, quite simply, the best way to experience the world.

Meet the author: With more than 20 years experience from the travel industry, Mattias offers tips, expert advice and a unique perspective anchored in having worked with market leading cruise lines, tour operators, consolidators, airlines and hospitality suppliers. Read more..