Mediterranean cruise luggage packing list

Mediterranean cruise packing list – a quick and easy guide

Are you looking forward to a Mediterranean cruise in the summer and wondering what to pack? Perhaps by now, you have read how changeable the European weather can be regardless of the season you cruise. Here is our guide to the ultimate Mediterranean cruise packing list, including essentials for onboard … Read article

Answers to the most asked cruise questions of 2022

21 most asked cruise questions of 2022

Of all the hundreds of questions we have seen throughout the year, these are the most common that cruise guests are curious about when planning and booking a cruise vacation. So we thought we would gather them all together in one place so they can help you with your next … Read article

Weekend cruise with Paris excursion and visit to the Eiffel tower

The best weekend cruise with a shore excursion to Paris

If you could choose just one weekend cruise, it may have to be this one. For one weekend only in May, Royal Caribbean Cruise Line has announced a weekend cruise to Paris from the port of Southampton, U.K. Or, more precisely, to Le Havre, in Normandy on the northeastern coast … Read article

Cruise port Valetta, Malta

Port Valletta, Malta – a place to unwind

Situated in the heart of the Mediterranean, Malta is an enticing, sun-drenched island that hosts cruise ships year-round. If you are lucky enough to have the island on your next cruise itinerary, with shore excursions from port Valletta, you’ll discover that Malta is in a class of its own. Known … Read article

Learn how a 4-day cruise can be long enough for the ideal short cruise getaway

Is a 4-day cruise long enough for a short cruise getaway?

Speak to any avid cruiser and you may be surprised to learn that they cruise at least four times a year. If your time and budget allow, this is a great way to see new places. But not all cruises are created equal. And to squeeze in more sailings and … Read article

Reasons not to buy internet packages on a cruise holiday

3 reasons not to buy internet packages on a cruise

Internet access on cruise ships is not perfect, but it’s getting there. From SpaceX partnerships with Royal Caribbean to Quantum class satellites, internet access on the ocean is stretching the boundaries, if indeed there are any. And while high-speed connections may still be a little sketchy in the far-flung regions … Read article

Find out if a b2b cruise could be your next cruise vacation

Is a b2b cruise your next cruise vacation?

Simply put, a b2b cruise means back-to-back cruises whereby you book two consecutive cruises with the same cruise line. The first ending on the same day the next one begins. The advantage of booking a back to back cruise is that you experience two different cruise routes while on board … Read article

Five good reasons to book one of these beautiful suites on your next cruise

5 reasons it makes sense to book a cruise ship suite

As a first-time cruiser, it’s easy to dismiss the idea of booking a cruise ship suite compared to a standard cabin. The immediate assumption is that it will blow your vacation budget instantly. These days that is not always true. Look a little closer, and you may find that there … Read article

How to choose the best and most suitable luggage for your cruise

How to pick the best luggage for cruise travel

The best luggage for cruise travel is reliable, practical, and highly functional. And after many years of traveling and the inevitable mishaps along the way, you learn to appreciate how much good quality and smart choices can change your vacation experience. Luggage of poor quality may result in zips breaking, … Read article

Cruise combination vacation packages in Italy

Many cruise guests choose to extend their vacation further by visiting different regions in Italy that have long been on their bucket lists. We have two great suggestions for land vacation packages in Italy before you start a cruise from Rome. 1. Venice – Florence – Rome Our first choice … Read article

Cruise hacks to save money and cruise more than once a year

Cruise more than once a year (15 cruise hacks)

Have you ever wanted to be able to cruise often and more affordably? How do some people manage three or four cruises every year? We have 15 cruise hacks so you too can get the best cruise fares to enable you to cruise cheaper and more often. And make your … Read article