What to expect from cruise travel after the pandemic

Changes to cruise travel after the pandemic

The Global Cruise Industry In Crisis was the heading we were seeing just 2 years ago. From cruise passengers being evacuated from cruise ships to crew members being isolated on board, the shock of the pandemic affected cruise operations on … Read More

Cruise embarkation day with Celebrity Cruises from New York

The best cruise tips for embarkation day

There is something so exciting and yet intensely nerve-wracking about cruise embarkation day. Boarding your cruise ship after months of planning often goes very smoothly – and other times not. With new rules and check-in procedures in place for most … Read More

You are not too young to cruise and here is why

The best cruise for young adults

Old stereotypes die hard. And that is very true for the cruising industry. Once upon a time, a cruise vacation was only for the over 55s. Activities onboard were mediocre, and the best entertainment was a quiz night. In recent … Read More