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Are you considering an upgrade on your next MSC Cruises vacation? You may land the stateroom of your dreams in just a few simple steps at a fraction of the cost. Let’s dive into MSC Cruises’ upgrade program, a bid-based upgrade system designed to enhance your cruising experience.

The bidding program allows eligible passengers to place bids on stateroom upgrades. From ocean views and balcony staterooms to the most luxurious suites at sea, this program offers the opportunity to score a fantastic upgrade and elevate your cruise experience.

So, how does the MSC Cruises Upgrade Bid Program work?

Once you’ve booked your cruise, you may receive an invitation to participate in the program. Submit your bid, sit back, and wait for the results. As its name suggests, the program operates on a bidding system—that means the higher your bid, the better your chances of scoring an upgrade.

Understanding the MSC Cruises Upgrade Bid Program

The MSC Cruises Upgrade Bid Program allows you to submit bids to upgrade your existing stateroom.

To participate, you’ll receive an invitation via email from MSC Cruises if your booking is eligible. The email will contain instructions and an invitation to submit an offer. After submitting your bid, you’ll patiently wait to find out if your bid was successful. If your bid wins, you’ll be notified, and your stateroom will be upgraded accordingly.

It’s essential to remember that submitting a bid does not guarantee an upgrade. Upgrades depend on availability, your offer’s competitiveness, and other factors MSC Cruises determines.

The Royal Caribbean Royal Up program offers cruise customers a similar upgrade program where you may get the opportunity to bid for a higher price class cabin.

Eligibility Criteria

Not all MSC Cruise bookings are eligible for the Upgrade Bid Program. To qualify for the program, your booking must meet specific criteria. Some eligibility factors include:

  • Your booking must be made directly through MSC Cruises or an authorized travel partner.
  • You must have a confirmed reservation and have already paid the total fare.

If you meet these criteria and MSC still hasn’t sent you an email invitation, don’t hesitate to contact MSC directly to inquire about your booking’s eligibility. Not all bookings will be eligible.

How to participate in the MSC Upgrade Bid Program

To participate in the MSC Upgrade Bid Program, you must first book a cruise with MSC Cruises. After booking, you may receive an offer to upgrade your stateroom through the program. If you receive an upgrade offer, follow these steps:

  1. Review the available upgrade options: MSC Cruises will present various stateroom options for you to bid on. These options may range from Ocean View and Balcony staterooms to more luxurious suites.
  2. Decide on your bid amount: Each available upgrade will have a minimum bid amount, which you can increase to improve your chances of getting the upgrade. Remember that the bidding range varies depending on the type of stateroom you want to upgrade to.
  3. Submit your bid: Once you have decided on your bid amount, submit your bid through the Plusgrade Program platform. Make sure to double-check the details of your bid before confirming.

Bid Evaluation and Notification

After submitting your bid, MSC Cruises will evaluate all received bids for the available stateroom upgrades. The evaluation process considers various factors, such as:

  • Your bid amount
  • The number of bids received for the same stateroom
  • The availability of the desired staterooms

While your bid is being evaluated, you may be able to view your bid status, which often indicates your chances of winning the upgrade.

Once the evaluation process is complete, MSC Cruises will notify you via email about the outcome of your bid.

What are the benefits of the Upgrade Bid Program?

Upgrading your cabin can provide several benefits, such as enhanced room features, exclusive amenities, and dining options.

Enhanced Room Features

You’ll enjoy more spacious and well-appointed staterooms when you upgrade your cabin. Upgraded cabins often have better views, larger balconies, and more comfortable seating areas. You may also find bigger bathrooms and additional storage space for your belongings.

Exclusive Amenities

Upgraded cabins often come with exclusive amenities you wouldn’t have access to in a standard cabin. For example, you might gain access to a private pool area, exclusive lounges, or priority embarkation and disembarkation services. Some upgrades include Butler Service or a personalized Concierge Service to help you book reservations and arrange special requests during your cruise.

Dining Options

A cabin upgrade can also provide you with additional dining options. Upgrading to a suite or a cabin that is part of a specific “class” or “experience” might grant you access to exclusive restaurants or dining areas unavailable to all passengers. These dining venues usually offer a more upscale ambiance and a higher cuisine level, making your cruise dining experience even more enjoyable.

Tips for a Successful Upgrade Bid

When participating in the MSC Cruises upgrade bid program, think about the following:

Bid Amount

Your bid amount plays an essential role in securing an upgrade. If you bid too low, your chances of being selected will likely be slim, while bidding too high may not be cost-effective and may not be in line with your budget. Remember that all bids are per person, based on double occupancy. Consider how much you are willing to spend, and try to find a middle ground between the minimum and maximum bid.

Be mindful of the bidding range specified by MSC Cruises, and contact them for advice if you are unsure. Check if you are bidding a per-person price or for all cabin occupants.

Bid Timing

Although there’s no definitive “best time” to submit your upgrade bid, be aware of the time frame given by MSC Cruises and submit your bid as soon as possible.

Monitor your email for any updates or notifications on the upgrade process. MSC Cruises may provide additional information on available upgrades and specific time frames to submit your bids. Staying informed and actively engaged with the upgrade process will be key to maximizing your chances of success.

Finally, remember that the upgrade program’s primary goal is to enhance your MSC Cruises experience and sell more available cabins in the higher price category. Approach the process with a clear understanding of what you want, your budget, and the potential value of the upgrade.

Common questions about MSC’s bidding program:

How can I participate in the MSC Cruises bidding program?

Sign up for an MSC account via the cruise line’s web page. You must agree that they can send you MSC offers and marketing promotions to receive an email about possible upgrades and the bidding program.

Can I participate in the bidding program if I have booked through a travel agent?

Yes, you should be able to participate if you have booked directly with the cruise or via a travel agent or supplier. Be sure to confirm this when booking and ask your agent to verify that your email address is in the booking so that you can receive emails directly from MSC Cruises.

You can also sign up to receive emails from MSC Cruises directly on their website and link this to your booking number. You must allow MSC Cruises to send you offers and marketing promotions to be able to receive emails about the bidding program for your particular cruise.

How do I know how much to bid to be in with a chance of an upgrade?

MSC Cruises sets a minimum bid amount for the upgrade you can participate in. You can bid the minimum amount or increase it to an amount you feel comfortable paying should you win the bid.

Can I cancel my bid after I win an upgrade if I change my mind?

If your bid is successful and you win an upgrade based on your bid amount, you must pay the bid amount, and you cannot cancel your bid.

How can I find out if my bid is successful?

MSC Cruises will not contact you if your bid is not successful. Remember that you can receive notification of a successful bid very close to your sailing date, so keep an eye on your email. It may also be possible to find out by clicking on the link in the original email sent to you, and it will tell you if you have a successful bid.

Is there a chance I will receive an offer to make a bid?

The upgrade system and the opportunity to bid on a cabin in a higher price category are based on the availability of your particular sailing date at a given time before the sail date.

Most often, customers who book the Bella or Fantastica experience will receive an offer if cabins are available, and sometimes, if you have booked the Aurea experience, you may be able to bid on an upgrade to the Yacht Club category.

Again, it all depends on the availability of cabins at a given time when MSC decides to send out a bulk email offering upgrades via their bidding system.

What should I look out for when participating in the bidding program?

As with everything you need to pay for, make sure you read all the terms and conditions of the bidding program before you decide to participate and bid. If you are unsure of any information, we recommend contacting MSC Cruises directly and asking them before placing a bid.

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10 thoughts on “MSC Cruises Upgrade Bid Program – enhance your cruise”

    • Hello David!
      If your bid is successful and you win an upgrade based on your bid amount, you must pay the bid amount, and you cannot cancel your bid. If you have made a bid but have not received an answer and would like to withdraw, you must contact MSC Cruises and ask them if it’s possible to remove your bid. However, we recommend asking for written confirmation from them if they say they can do this.

  1. We received an invite to bid on our upcoming cruise but when I put info in it says you are unable to bid and to check back.


    • Hi Linda
      Thank you for contacting us at CruiseTrail! As you were unable to make the bid, it could be that all available cabins are now filled. However, I recommend contacting MSC Cruises directly to check that there is no technical problem with the upgrade system that prohibits you from placing a bid, so you don’t miss out.
      If a bid is still possible, request a new offer to be sent to you by email and try again. Good Luck!

    • Hello Diane

      Thank you for your enquiry! Be sure to sign up for an MSC account via the cruise line’s web page. You must agree that they can send you MSC offers and marketing promotions to receive an email about possible upgrades and the bidding program. If you do not receive an offer to upgrade your stateroom, I recommend calling the cruise line (or your travel agent if you have booked through a 3rd party) and ask if they know when offers to upgrade are planned to be sent out.

  2. Sarah, we are booked in a lower level category that does not include the drinks package. If I am offered an upgrade to the Yacht Club, would I then have the benefit of free drinks for YC guests?

    Cliff Davidson

    • Hi Cliff

      Thank you for contacting us. Firstly I must apologize for the very late reply, your enquiry has slipped right by us and I have only just spotted it. The latest information we have from MSC Cruises is that you would NOT get the all the benefits of the Yacht Club category, you would only receive the actual cabin upgrade to Yacht Club category.

      We would also add that policy can change at any time, so do double check this information at the time of booking.

      We hope you enjoy a wonderful experience with MSC Cruises.

  3. Hi I am trying to find on MSC Website where I say I will receive marketing materials and advertising so I can then register? for a bid for a future upgrade. I do not know where it is to tick the box. What section?
    Thanks so much

    • Hi Julie-anne,
      Thank you for contacting us! Unfortunately, navigating MSC Cruises’ website is not that easy. You should be able to register your email address when booking. Alternatively, I recommend contacting MSC Cruises; your region’s telephone will appear at the top of their website homepage. Give them your booking number, and they can insert your email address. I hope this helps, this is how I used to register my customers when they wanted to participate in the MSC Bid program.


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