View of Grand Canal - Cruise from Venice

Cruise from Venice – the essential guide

Quite possibly the most romantic city in Europe. With triumphant architecture sitting on winding waterways, Venice hosts travelers, holidaymakers, cruise ships, festivals, and galas throughout the year. And now you have the opportunity to explore this wonderful city when you book your cruise from Venice. This article offers expert tips, … Read article

Expedition cruises for an adventure of a life team. Here penguins sat on floating ice with cruise ship in the background

Expedition cruises for a wild & remote adventure

Visiting far-flung places in the world has, for most of us, only been a pipedream and often left to those who are genuinely daring and who take the meaning of being adventurous to a whole new level. But not anymore. Numerous expedition cruises offer unique vacations to remote locations that … Read article

Cruise package Barcelona to Rome with Celebrity Cruises

Cruise package – Barcelona to Rome with Celebrity Cruises

This fantastic Mediterranean cruise package from Barcelona to Rome with Celebrity Cruises offers pre-and post-cruise hotel nights plus superb ports of call on a 7-night cruise itinerary. We show you how to create your cruise package with this fantastic cruise line for the ultimate summer vacation. Cruise the Mediterranean with … Read article

How to get the best cruise deals - every time

Best cruise deals and how to get them

Everyone likes a good deal. But great deals are even better. For guests new to cruise vacations, we have tips, tricks, and inside information on the best cruise deals and how to get them. What kind of special offers can you expect from a cruise line? Most cruise lines have … Read article

MSC Cruises leaving port from one of many popular European cities

The Most Popular European Cruise 2023

One of the most popular European cruises booked by cruise guests every year is a longer cruise starting in Northern Europe and ending in the sunny shores of the Mediterranean. Starting in a lively European capital and ending in one of the world’s finest coastal cities, on a cruise that … Read article

12 ways to make the most of your cruise vacation

12 Ways to Make the Most of A Cruise Vacation

The average length of a cruise vacation is around 10 days. That’s why a 7-night cruise together with 2 nights at a port hotel prior to departure, plus travel time makes an ideal trip abroad – especially when you want to visit more than one country. So what are the … Read article

Cruise ship ports in Florida

Cruise ship ports in Florida – the essential guide

If you live in the Sunshine State then you will most likely be familiar with cruise ship ports in Florida. And you will be lucky enough to be able to hop in the car and drive to your cruise port – even if it’s a few hours away. Your cruise … Read article

This cruise package includes visits to Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam and Hong Kong

Cruise to Thailand and Vietnam from Singapore

If you are looking for an exciting, modern, safe, and clean destination in Asia to start your cruise vacation, a cruise from Singapore offers all this and more. A crossroads between east and west, Singapore has quickly evolved into an international hub for tourism, finance and culture. With the development … Read article

Top 10 gift ideas for cruisers

Perfect Holiday Gift Ideas for Cruises

Many travelers, when they have experienced their first cruise, they will book many future cruise vacations time and time again.  Many guests even book the next cruise with guest services while still on board their current cruise. This often comes with perks offered by the cruise line, such as extra … Read article

Arctic Circle Cruise Package from Amsterdam

If you have never visited Scandinavia, experiencing the spine-tingling landscape of Norway on an Arctic Circle cruise will leave you in awe of this incredible region of Europe. An Arctic Circle cruise from Amsterdam allows you to explore many ports in what must be one of the most beautiful destinations … Read article

Best souvenirs to bring back from your cruise

Best cruise souvenirs to bring home from your cruise vacation

We all like to have a memory in the form of a souvenir from the ports we visit during our cruise vacation. Some of the most asked questions from guests are “What are the best souvenirs from Italy?” and “Where can I find the best traditional gifts to bring home … Read article

Amsterdam Bridge at night - The essential guide to cruising from Amsterdam

Cruise from Amsterdam – the essential guide

“Amsterdam has long been a city on our bucket list. It’s a small but wonderful place. When we booked a cruise from Amsterdam, we spent two days pre-cruise exploring by bike and by boat along the canals and one day on an excursion visiting the Dutch countryside – both magical … Read article