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Cruise ship ports in Florida

Cruise Ship Ports in Florida

If you live in the Sunshine State then you will most likely be familiar with cruise ship ports in Florida. And you will be lucky enough to be able to hop in the car and drive to your cruise port … Read More

Top 10 gift ideas for cruisers

Gift Ideas for Cruisers

For many travelers, when they have experienced their first cruise, they will book many future cruise vacations time and time again.  Some even book the next cruise with guest services whilst still on board their current cruise. This often comes … Read More

Cruise from Copenhagen - visit beautiful Nyhavn

Cruise from Copenhagen – the essential guide

Start your cruise from Copenhagen – capital of Denmark, gateway to the Nordic region of the world, and a city with Viking heritage running through its history. Did you know that cyclists rule the city? That nearly 90% of Danish … Read More

Cruise the Norwegian fjords

Cruise Norwegian Fjords

“Magical! Our cruise Norwegian Fjords journey was so breathtaking that we have now booked a combination trip to Sweden and Norway next year to go hiking and sailing – and we can’t wait. ” Welcome to the Land of the … Read More