Are cruises worth it or is it getting too expensive?

Are cruises worth it? The Pros and cons of a cruise vacation

Are cruises worth it? Many travelers ask this question as they contemplate booking a cruise for 2024 or 2025. Unlike a one-size-fits-all solution, the answer varies. Numerous factors come into play that can significantly impact your experience. In this article, we look at the pros and cons of cruises to … Read article

Are cruises all-inclusive or not?

Are Cruises All-Inclusive?

Before you even hit that “Book Now” button, a fundamental question should be on your radar: Are cruises all-inclusive? The short answer: cruises are what most of us would consider all-inclusive. This does not mean that all you see is included. But it means you can have a great holiday … Read article

Hotels Miami with free cruise port shuttle

Best hotels near Miami Cruise Port with free shuttle

When embarking on a cruise adventure, your journey begins when you step foot in Miami. This vibrant city, known for its energy, stunning beaches, and melting pot of cultures, is a gateway to some of the most sought-after cruise experiences. As cruise travellers, we always look for the best hotels … Read article

Explore your options with cruise line air services

Cruise line air services – more flexible than you may think

Embarking on a cruise vacation is exciting, but there is also a dose of practicality. And one of the more stressful factors in the planning process is booking flights. You must get to the port where your cruise adventure starts in time. And then home again from where it ends. … Read article

The things you need to know before visiting Italy

Visiting Italy? Our best advice & experiences

Italy is a dream destination that many travelers have on their must-see list. Sprawling with rich history, stunning landscapes, and irresistible cuisine, this beautiful country has something to offer everyone. As you embark on your cruise vacation to Italy, prepare to make unforgettable memories while visiting some of the most … Read article

What to look out for before you pay a cruise deposit

What to look out for before you pay a cruise deposit

Booking a cruise can be an exciting experience, but paying attention to the fine print and details of your cruise contract before you pay a cruise deposit essential. Cruise contracts can be lengthy and complicated, but understanding the terms and conditions can help ensure that booking a cruise experience is … Read article

Enjoying excursions from La Spezia cruise port

The best excursions from La Spezia cruise port

La Spezia is a port town, naval harbor, and ship-building center, and if you don’t want to go too far from your cruise ship, the charming main street, Via del Prione, is within walking distance of the cruise terminal. Sit in the sun at one of the many cafes or … Read article

View over the Barcelona Cruise Port with hotels nearby

Recommended hotels near Barcelona cruise port

We are confident you will love Barcelona, especially if this is your first visit. If you are a returning guest, there will always be something new to discover or places you want to revisit. As a cruise traveler, you may be looking for recommended hotels near Barcelona cruise port but … Read article

6 things you need to know about Celebrity cruises

6 things you need to know about Celebrity Cruises

Celebrity Cruises has long been one of our go-to mainstream cruise lines when looking for our next cruise vacation. While we also have been lucky enough to cruise with Royal Caribbean, MSC, NCL, Azamara, Princess Cruises, and Oceania Cruises, Celebrity has become the standard to compare other cruises. We love … Read article