Trieste Cruise Port – the essential guide

Trieste Cruise Port – the essential guide

If you’ve eagerly anticipated setting sail from Venice on your dream Mediterranean or Greek Isles cruise, prepare for an unexpected delight. Venice, in 2021, had to bid adieu to many of the larger cruise ships due to rising water levels, creating a unique opportunity for the picturesque Trieste Cruise Port … Read article

Cruise from Miami watching the skyline

Cruise from Miami – the essential guide

The port of Miami is home to the busiest passenger cruise terminal in the world. It has been the main gateway for cruise travelers exploring the Caribbean, the Bahamas, South America, and beyond for many years. With an enviable location in southern Florida, Miami is one of three major cruise … Read article

Experience Pompei, Capri and the Amalfi Coast before starting your cruise from Naples, Italy

Cruise from Naples, Italy – the essential guide

Experience Italy’s awe-inspiring sites of Pompei, Capri, and the Amalfi Coast before you start your cruise from Naples to the Mediterranean and Greek Isles.  While Rome is the beating heart of historic Italy, the coast stretching from the Bay of Naples and southwards offers some of the world’s most scenic … Read article

Guide to cruise from Lisbon

Cruise from Lisbon – the essential guide

Lisbon was quite spread out, so we explored the city both on foot and by using tuk-tuks! We saw so much in just a few days. We definitely recommend you spend time here before your cruise from Lisbon – it’s fantastic! Lisbon, the capital city of Portugal, is a city … Read article

Cruise from Palma de Mallorca – the essential guide

As a holiday destination, Palma de Mallorca has it all. A cruise from Palma, the capital city of the Spanish Balearic islands, means that you can enjoy both the lively city and the beautiful island of Mallorca before you climb aboard your cruise ship. Spend a few days here and … Read article

The essential guide to cruising from Vancouver

Cruise from Vancouver – the essential guide

When you cruise from Vancouver, we recommend you spend at least a few days here to enjoy this stunning city before climbing aboard your ship. Vancouver is considered one of the best cities in the world and is the most visited city in Canada by foreign tourists. It’s easy to … Read article

Cruise from Dublin, Ireland

Cruise from Dublin – the essential guide

Dublin blew us away. The city is great fun and easy to get around. The music, the food, the coastal landscapes and above all the people and hospitality we experienced before we started our cruise from Dublin made for a brilliant, memorable stay. We now want to return to explore … Read article

Seattle Skyline over the Puget sound with Cascade Mountains

Cruise from Seattle – the essential guide

Much more than just a departure point, this major city in the Pacific Northwest is worth exploring. Cruise from Seattle and get to know this great place! Located in the state of Washington, Seattle is synonymous with Starbucks, Seahawks, the tech industry, and the great outdoors. And the port of Seattle … Read article

The essential guide to the Port of Ravenna, Italy.

Port of Ravenna, Italy – the essential guide

The Italian port of Ravenna – Porto Corsini – is now home to many cruise ships that used to start their cruise itineraries to the Mediterranean or the Greek Isles from the ports in Venice. Why? Venice is known as a floating city. Much has been reported about rising water … Read article

View of Grand Canal - Cruise from Venice

Cruise from Venice – the essential guide

Quite possibly the most romantic city in Europe. With triumphant architecture sitting on winding waterways, Venice hosts travelers, holidaymakers, cruise ships, festivals, and galas throughout the year. And now you can explore this wonderful city when you book your cruise from Venice. This article offers expert tips, planning advice, and … Read article

Cruise ship ports in Florida

Cruise ship ports in Florida – the essential guide

If you live in the Sunshine State, you will most likely be familiar with cruise ship ports in Florida. And you will be lucky enough to be able to hop in the car and drive to your cruise port – even if it’s a few hours away. Your cruise packing … Read article

Amsterdam Bridge at night - The essential guide to cruising from Amsterdam

Cruise from Amsterdam – the essential guide

“Amsterdam has long been a city on our bucket list. It’s a small but wonderful place. When we booked a cruise from Amsterdam, we spent two days pre-cruise exploring by bike and by boat along the canals and one day on an excursion visiting the Dutch countryside – both magical … Read article