Trieste Cruise Port – the essential guide

The Italian port of Trieste has popped into focus in recent years as more and more cruise ships are moved from docking in Venice. You may well find that your cruise to the Mediterranean or the Greek Isles, originally planned to sail from Venice, is now leaving from Trieste cruise port.

As most of us following the latest cruise news found out, in 2021, Venice closed its doors to the berthing of many large cruise ships due to rising water levels around the city. The ancient streets are at risk of crumbling, and congestion in port traffic has resulted in the move away from Venice.

And that has allowed the charming city of Trieste to welcome you with open arms.

Trieste Cruise port

So where exactly is Trieste cruise port, and how easy is it to spend time in Venice before or after a cruise from Trieste?

First, it’s essential to check with your cruise line which ports you need to head to when you book a cruise from Venice. If it’s from Trieste or Ravenna, you need to consider this before you book your flight and make transfer arrangements.

Trieste is located 160 km northeast of Venice. It has the Adriatic Sea to the west and borders Slovenia to the east. It’s about a two-hour transfer either by road or rail from Venice.

If you plan to spend a few days in Venice before your cruise, we also recommend you save a night or two for staying in Trieste. It’s a great city, with plenty to see and do.

The good news is that getting to Trieste from Venice is not tricky, and you have choices. Allow for the travel time and budget for the extra cost. We discuss all your transport options further below in this article.

Given that most cruise ships arrive at Trieste’s Stazione Marittima cruise port (the more central cruise port), the information we give here is for Stazione Marittima port. The historical cruise passenger terminal building is close to the city’s largest square, Piazza Unità d’Italia.

Check your cruise booking, and if you find your cruise line uses instead the cruise port called Ormeggio 57, simply email us with your questions. Ormeggio 57 cruise port is located about 4km outside the city center.

What are the closest airports to Trieste cruise port?

If you prefer to skip Venice, search for flights to Trieste’s airport. To get from the airport, book an airport transfer to your hotel before you leave home. Alternatively, below you have the following public transport options.

Trieste Airport (TRS) to central Trieste

Trieste airport is around 40 km from central Trieste. Here are the transport options available to get you to the city center:

Bus: The local bus company operating bus number 51 from the airport is APT Gorizia. You can buy a one-way ticket on board the bus for about 5 euros.

Taxi: There are taxis at the airport as you exit the arrivals area. The journey time is an estimated 30 minutes for around 50 euros. Expect to pay more if you are traveling in the evenings.

Train: Our favorite way to travel is by train. A direct train from Trieste airport to the central train station runs 2 or 3 times every hour. It’s a quick 29-minute journey costing around 5 euros per person.

Check out Omio’s website to easily search and compare train ticket prices to find the journey that suits you. Tickets can also be booked through Trenitalia or Italotreno. However, Omio offers price comparisons for your trip and a more straightforward booking process.

Venice Marco Polo (VCE) Airport to central Trieste

Venice airport is around 150 km from central Trieste.

If you arrive on an international flight to Venice Marco Polo Airport and want to transfer directly to Trieste, here are your best options:

Private Transfer: a private transfer is the easiest but most expensive option. Book through a trusted supplier such as Viator and have a driver waiting for you as you exit the arrivals lounge. The journey time is around 2 hours and can cost about 200 euros. This becomes more affordable if you are four or more guests and can share the cost for a hassle-free way of getting there.

Train: there is no train station at Venice Marco Polo airport. Take a short taxi ride about 10 km from the airport to Venice’s central train station, Mestre. From there take a train direct to Trieste center. The journey takes 2 hours. You can book train tickets in Italy online before you leave home or at the train station.

How to travel between Venice island and Trieste

If you have chosen to explore Venice for a few days before or after your cruise and are staying on Venice island, the train is a great way to get to or from Trieste. Purchase tickets to travel from Venezia S.Lucia train station to Trieste Centrale (or vice versa).

Choose the quickest journey where you do not need to change trains.

Trenitalia and Italo Treno are the leading train operators in Italy. They have high-speed Frecce trains that connect you to major cities and numerous regional trains.

You can book train tickets before you leave home, about three months within your travel date.

Alternatively, you can purchase train tickets directly at the train station. The cost of a single journey between Venice island and Trieste for an adult is around 15 euros per person.

To get to the port or your hotel from Trieste train station, there are taxis readily available. Prices do vary, especially in the high season. Check with the taxi driver before you climb in. The journey time is about 20 to 30 minutes. If it’s a national holiday or an evening journey, the price will increase.

Local buses also run from the train station to central Trieste and the cruise port.

Where to stay in Trieste

We recommend at least one hotel night in Trieste before your cruise starts – it’s a great city to explore. Here are our top 4 hotel recommendations for your stay in Trieste:

Learn why we recommend for hotel bookings.

1. Double Tree by Hilton Trieste

The Double Tree by Hilton Hotel is centrally located about a 10-minute walk from the cruise port. The building is beautiful and is surrounded by a good selection of cafes and restaurants. If you are a Hilton Honors member (it’s free of charge to join their loyalty program), expect extra perks when you check-in. We appreciated the chilled bottled water and fresh cookies.

2. Savoia Excelsior Palace

This is an excellent hotel, architecturally stunning, right next to the cruise port near Piazza Unità d’Italia. Enjoy good service and friendly staff – everything you’d expect for a 4-star plus experience. Ask for a balcony room directly overlooking the pier for a beautiful view. And to top it all, their lounge has an excellent cocktail menu.

3. Grand Hotel Duchi d’Aosta

This small, intimate boutique hotel has excellent facilities and an excellent restaurant, Harry’s Piccolo. It’s located right on Piazza Unità d’Italia.

A popular feature includes a heated indoor pool in a city center location, and the hotel enjoys an excellent rating at

4. Hotel Continentale

The Hotel Continentale is centrally located just a 10-minute walk from the central train station in Trieste and 15 minutes from the cruise port. Some rooms are a little dated but overall a good 4-star experience.

Splendid Trieste, Italy – a walking tour

Trieste, located in the Friuli Venezia Giulia region of Italy, is the region’s historical capital. The architecture, cuisine, and languages reflect its multicultural diversity, a mixture of Mediterranean and central European heritage.

A great starting point for getting to know the city is Piazza Unità d’Italia (Unity of Italy Square). This is the main square in Trieste. Once home to the old marina, it faces the sea and is the city’s commercial hub, with many beautiful government buildings lining three sides of the square.

There is a tourist information office right in the square. The friendly staff will provide information and paper maps of the city if you like, so visit them before you start your day.

From Piazza Unità d’Italia, head towards Piazza della Borsa. This square is an excellent place to do some shopping or stop for a coffee. Enjoy walking and exploring the area until you reach Canale Grande. This 2 km long waterway is a lively area of shops and restaurants; it’s also an excellent place to return to for an evening restaurant as the whole area is beautifully lit up at night.

Just 20 minute walk southwards of the canal is the Roman Theatre of Trieste on Via del Teatro Romano. A beautifully preserved Roman theater, it was built at the base of a sloping hill called San Giusto. Many of the archeological finds discovered when the site was excavated in 1938 can be viewed in the museum at the Castle of San Giusto, located a short walk away.

When you reach Castello di San Giusto, you will have fantastic panoramic views over Trieste. It’s a bit of a climb but well worth it. End your city walk at the cathedral, Cattedrale di San Giusto Martire.

If you are hungry and looking to try some local seafood dishes, we recommend Antica Trattoria Le Barettine, located between the cathedral and Unity of Italy Square. If, however, they are closed for the season, there are many restaurants to choose from in this area.

Favorite day trips from Trieste

Here are our favorite spots just a short distance outside Trieste that are worth visiting during your stay:

Browse more recommended tours, shore excursions, and day trips in Trieste.

Miramare Castle – Castello di Miramare

Crowned by the spectacular 19th-century Miramare Castle located on a rocky spur on the Gulf of Trieste, this grand house once owned by the Habsburg family is a must-see while visiting the city. The castle and surrounding park are open every day except Christmas and New Year. The park is free of charge to enjoy, and the fee of 10 euros per person to enter the castle is well worth it.

Sistiana Bay

Just 20 km north of Trieste is the stunning bay of Sistiana. You could combine a visit here with Miramare Castle as the castle is on its way, about halfway between Trieste and Sistiana. You drive along the beautiful coastal road known as Costiera Triestina. There are plenty of places to stop and take photos, the most picturesque being at Santa Croce Mare and Grignano.

Book an excursion with a trusted supplier such as Viator so that transportation and a guided tour of the bay are included. You will even have time to explore and swim at the beach there. Note that it’s a shingle beach, not sand, edging the inviting turquoise water of the Adriatic Sea.

How to get to Port of Trieste from the historical center

The passenger cruise terminal, Stazione Marittima (Port Station), is located right next to the historical center and is within walking distance from Piazza Unità d’Italia (Unity of Italy Square).

If you are not within walking distance, we recommend asking your hotel concierge to book a taxi for the short ride to the port. Even if your hotel is only a 20-minute walk, remember you will have all your cruise packing and luggage with you, so a taxi is the best choice to avoid the long walk with suitcases.

How to get to Trieste Airport from the Port of Trieste

If your cruise ship arrives at Stazione Marittima cruise port in Trieste and you fly the same day as you disembark your cruise, here are your options for transportation to the airport in Trieste.

Taxi: The most straightforward way but also one of the most costly ways to travel is by taxi. Taxis are available at the port or by calling tel. +39 040 307730. Note you cannot book a taxi in advance. There is a flat rate from Trieste cruise port to Trieste airport at 60€. It takes about 45/50 mins.

Bus: You need to make two separate journeys to reach the airport using the bus.

a) Stazione Marittima cruise port to Trieste Piazza Libertà bus station

The distance is 1.1 km, about 15 minutes walking or 5 minutes by taxi (tel. +39 040 307730). Note you cannot book a taxi in advance.

Alternatively, take a bus (12-15 mins) from Riva del Mandraccio, numbers 8/24/30. You can purchase a ticket on board for 1.40€ single ticket. Buses leave every 10 mins.

b) Trieste Piazza Libertà bus station to Trieste Airport

Bus G51 buses approximately every 30 mins, depending on the time of the day. It takes approx 55mins/1hour. You can purchase tickets for the G51 bus at the Trieste bus station (payment cash/credit card/debit card) for 4.40€ single ticket.

Train: You must make two journeys to reach the airport using the train.

a) Stazione Marittima (cruise port) to Trieste Centrale train station

The distance is 1.1 km and takes approximately 15 minutes to walk or 5 minutes by taxi tel. +39 040 307730 (you cannot book a taxi in advance). Alternatively, take a bus for 12-15 mins from Riva del Mandraccio, number 8/24/30 (you can purchase a ticket on board 1.40€ single ticket, buses every 10 mins).

b) Trieste Centrale train station to Trieste Airport

There are trains about every 30/45 mins, depending on the time of the day. Check the timetable with Omio, which includes the Trenitalia trains. It takes 28 minutes, and a single ticket costs around 5€.

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18 thoughts on “Trieste Cruise Port – the essential guide”

  1. Hi Sarah, thank you for the article. We will embark our cruise ship in Trieste in the summer of this year with Holland America line. The port address that HAL gives is: “Via Von Bruck, 3 Trieste, TS 34143 Italy”. From the Google map, I see this address is kind of far from the train station. Since we will stay in Venice for a few days before the cruise and would like to take the train to Trieste. Can you tell us what is the best way for us to get to the port from train station? Or is there any other ways to go to Trieste’s HAL port from Venice other than train? Thank you.

    • Hi Gary

      Many thanks for contacting us at CruiseTrail, and I do apologize for the delay in replying. I was awaiting more information from Holland American but it seems very vague from them regarding the cruise port they are using in Trieste.

      From the information I received over the phone, it seems the Holland American cruise port is a short walk from the center of Ravenna, less than 10 minutes. I would, however, recommend that you check your cruise ticket for the exact address or contact your local cruise representative and have them check the correct port for your particular sailing.

      The easiest and most cost-efficient way to get from Venice to Trieste is by train. You can find out all about booking train travel in Italy on our website. There is the option of a private transfer, with, for example, Viator, but this is the most expensive way to travel unless you are a small group and can share the cost.

      To get from the train station to the cruise port, there are local buses from the train station, and also taxis. The journey time from the train station to the center is about 10-15 minutes. We usually recommend staying at least one night in Trieste prior to embarkation day to ensure that you arrive at your cruise ship in good time.

      We hope you have a wonderful cruise vacation. Please check your cruise port address on your cruise ticket or with your HAL representative before you travel to ensure you arrive at the correct embarkation port.

  2. We are cruising into Trieste later this year. We want to go to Venice for a couple of days. Is there a web site that would give me a phone number so someone can help me book train tickets to Venice?

    • Hello!

      Thank you for contacting us at CruiseTrail. How wonderful you are taking the time to visit Venice during your cruise vacation!

      If you are not using a travel agent to help you with your booking, I recommend that you book directly with Omio, who offer train tickets with the fast train (Frecciarossa) and regional trains.
      You will most likely need to change in Bologna for your journey between Trieste and Venice. Omio also has an online help center where you can email them your questions.
      The Omio website is available in English, and you can pay in your local currency. It is very user-friendly. I recommend that you first create an account with them (free of charge), and you will have access to the information you need about managing your booking and also contact with their help center.
      When you have made a booking, you can download your tickets to the Omio app on your smartphone (if you like) and have them all in one place and easily accessible when you travel. We partner with Omio, and you can choose to book your train tickets here.

      Good luck with your booking; we hope you enjoy Venice!

  3. NCL has a homeport in Trieste now. On the Gem we embark in Trieste. The next day our stop is Venice (from 6:30a to 11p). I cannot locate information on how we get into Venice on May 23, 2023. If it’s a tender, where does it drop you off? I tried NCL without success. Their answer was Port of Venice and it’s a tender port. Does that mean we take a 2 hr. city operated tender to Venice from Trieste? I need details for a tour @ 9:30a meeting near St. Mark’s. As an organized traveler who pre-books as much as possible from home, I find no detailed information. Do I need a day pass or water taxi – I’m not able to determine based on what information is available on groups on FB, NCL or Cruise Critic.

    • Hello, and thank you for contacting us!

      If your ship visits the Port of Venice, it will most likely anchor off-shore and use tender boats to get you into Venice. I have found this pdf from the NCL website which has more information about the port. I recommend you contact NCL again and ask them if this is the port you arrive at on the tender boat.

      Once you are at the Port of Venice, you have several options to get to St. Mark’s Square.

      NCL may offer a water bus that you can book in advance to get you there, this may be rather expensive, but it will get you there relatively quickly. You must be prepared for queues in Venice, especially when cruise ships visit and thousands of passengers are disembarking around the same time. Ask NCL if they offer water bus transportation and the price, and if you can be off the ship in the earliest group.

      You can walk; this will take a good hour, I would guess, bearing in mind the crowds and finding your way. Although the walk is often delightful, it will take time. Hop on the People Mover (1 EURO each payable at the ticket machines with cash or a credit card) from the port to get you to Piazzale Roma, and you walk from there.

      Alternatively, you can ride a water taxi from one of the first stops on the Grand Canal to St. Mark’s Square. It will be quicker than walking.

      Perhaps you may consider booking a private transfer from the Port of Venice to St. Mark’s Square to get you there even quicker. We trust Viator as a travel partner for transfers in Venice, and you can look closer at the prices they offer here, although this may be the most expensive option for you.

      We hope this information is of help to you. We wish you a fantastic day on Venice Island.

  4. Hello Sarah
    We are flying into Venice Marco Polo Airport looking for any hotel, near Venice Maestre Central Station (MCS), that can provide a shuttle bus to pick us up at the airport.
    After staying for 3 days, we will check into Holland American Line Cruise ship at Trieste Marine Cruise Terminal. We will take ±2 hours train ride from Venice MCS to Trieste Central Train Station, and stay two nights in Trieste Town.
    If I take Local Bus #30 from Trieste City Center to Trieste Marine Terminal. There is no Inside Port Transportation from Passeggio Sant’ Andrea (GdF) at the port entry Gate to the Holland American Line Cruise Ship (Except for Walking that may be restricted).
    As you suggested we will take a taxi instead from our hotel in Trieste to HAL Cruise Port Terminal.

    • Hi George!
      It sounds like you have a good plan for your cruise vacation! If you are still searching for a hotel in Venice Maestre, you may like to look at Ambasciatori Hotel Mestre Venice. They offer an airport shuttle bus transfer. It is the same complex as Delfino Mestre. Located very close to the train station, next door to a supermarket, and the bus stop is outside the hotel to get you into Venice island. It is a 3-star option if this suits you. I recommend you read the reviews then contact the hotel regarding an airport shuttle transfer. If you like, you can start your hotel search on our hotel booking resource page.
      If you decide to look at hotel accommodation on Venice island instead, you can travel by train from Santa Lucia train station (located on the Grand Canal, Venice island) to Trieste.
      Good luck! I wish you a fantastic trip.

  5. What is the best way to get to Friuili Venezia Guilia airport from the Trieste Cruise terminal? Is the bus station in walking distance (considering bag drag, etc.)

    • Hi Melissa! Thank you for contacting us!

      You have a few options for transport from Trieste cruise terminal to Trieste Airport. If you cruise ship arrives at Statzione Marittima cruise port. Here are your options:

      1. TAXI: The easiest way but also one of the most costly is a taxi. Taxi are available at the port or by calling tel. +39 040 307730. Note you cannot book a taxi in advance. There is a flat rate from Trieste cruise port to Trieste airport at 60€. It takes about 45/50 mins.

      2. BUS: You need to make two separate journeys to reach the airport using the bus.

      a) Stazione Marittima cruise port to Trieste Piazza Libertà bus station

      The distance is 1.1Km, about 15 mins walking or by taxi 5 mins (tel. +39 040 307730). Note you cannot book a taxi in advance. Alternatively take the bus (12-15 mins) from Riva del Mandraccio nr 8/24/30. You can purchase ticket on board 1.40€ single ticket. Buses leave every 10 mins.

      b) Trieste Piazza Libertà bus station to Trieste Airport with Bus G51, buses approximately every 30 mins, depends on the time of the day. It takes approx 55mins/1hour. You can purchase tickets for G51 bus at the Trieste bus station (payment cash/credit card/debit card) 4.40€ single ticket.

      3. TRAIN: You need to make two separate journeys to reach the airport using the train.

      a) Stazione Marittima (cruise port) to Trieste Centrale train station: 1.1Km / approx 15 mins walking / 5 mins by taxi tel. +39 040 307730 (you cannot book a taxi in advance) / by bus in 12/15 mins from Riva del Mandraccio nr 8/24/30 (you can purchase ticket on board 1.40€ single ticket, buses every 10mins)

      b) Trieste Centrale train station to Trieste Airport: There are trains about every 30/45 mins, depends on the time of the day. Check timetable with Omio which include the Trenitalia trains. It takes 28 minutes, single ticket is around 5€.

      I hope this information helps you to decide which alternative suits you best. There are often many taxis at the cruise port when ships dock, but I have included the phone number for you as well. I also recommend that check with the guest services on board to see if they offer a transfer to the airport.

  6. I was wondering the best way to get from Trieste port to Marco Polo airport. I will be traveling on my own. Taxi would be the preferred option but seems expensive. Thank you

    • Hi,
      Taxis and private transfers can get pricey when traveling alone or in smaller groups.

      Depending on your travel dates, some buses and trains are pretty convenient. You can search for buses and trains with the provider we recommend and use. Click here to read more: Search, compare, and book transport.

      I find it convenient to travel by train in Italy. One solution could be to take the train to Venice Maestre central station and then, from there taxi or bus to Marco Polo airport. I wish you a wonderful trip, and let me know if you have further questions.

  7. Thank you for this helpful information! My husband and I are taking our first cruise, and Trieste is our embarkation port. We were unsure how to get from the airport to the ship, but your article spells it all out for us. We hope to have a little bit of extra time to explore what sounds like a beautiful city before we set sail. Thanks again for this awesome info!

    • How exciting, I am sure you will have a lovely trip. Thank you for your kind words; I am happy I could help. And yes, there is plenty to do and see in Trieste. I hope you enjoy the city before your cruise.



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