Amsterdam Bridge at night - The essential guide to cruising from Amsterdam

Cruise from Amsterdam – the essential guide

“Amsterdam has long been a city on our bucket list. It’s a small but wonderful place. When we booked a cruise from Amsterdam, we spent two days pre-cruise exploring by bike and by boat along the canals and one day on an excursion visiting the Dutch countryside – both magical … Read article

Cruise from Copenhagen - visit beautiful Nyhavn

Cruise from Copenhagen – the essential guide

“Three days in Denmark’s capital is a fantastic way to start a cruise vacation from Copenhagen. This lively and friendly Nordic city – with Viking heritage running through its history – is full of surprises.“ Did you know that cyclists rule the city? That nearly 90% of Danish citizens speak … Read article

Cruising from Stockholm, the capital of Sweden

Cruise from Stockholm – the essential guide

Enjoy Scandinavia at its best by starting your cruise from Stockholm – the city on the Baltic, with 14 islands connected by over 50 bridges. A cruise from Stockholm, Sweden’s clean, beautiful, and friendly capital city, is the perfect starting point to see the best of Northern Europe. We have … Read article

Cruise from Auckland – the essential guide written by cruise and travel experts

Cruise from Auckland – the essential guide

It was fantastic to visit New Zealand, a place we had dreamt of seeing for a long time. Starting our vacation in Auckland was perfect for our sporting family. There was so much to do around both Waitemata and Manukau Harbour. It’s a fantastic city, beyond all expectations. We’d love … Read article

Cruise from Sydney – the essential guide

When you visit Australia for the first time, you will wonder why you waited so long. In a land full of contrasts, unforgettable landscapes, exciting cities, and friendly people, it will be easy to feel like you belong. A spectacular view as you cruise from Sydney Harbour Cruising out of … Read article

Essential guide to cruise from Singapore - The Lion City

Cruise from Singapore – the essential guide

The whole family loved Singapore. For the kids, the highlights of our trip were the Night Safari and the day we spent on Santosa Island. Not to mention the awesome cable car ride to get there. The hawker centers were a hit too – we’ve never seen so much variety … Read article

Cruise from New York – the essential guide

New York is a cosmopolitan city for all seasons, from the hustle and bustle of summer to the more laid-back pace of winter. But what if you only have three days to explore before your cruise from New York? This article helps you decide how to spend your time in … Read article

Athens at sunset: Essential guide to cruise from Athens

Cruise from Athens – the essential guide

A cruise from Athens is the perfect way to see the best of the Greek Isles and the Mediterranean without the hassle of many short flights, island hopping, or packing and unpacking your suitcase between different destinations.  All you need is one international airfare to and from Athens. Get ready … Read article

Cruise from the port of London

Cruise from London – the essential guide

Every Londoner has their favorite corner, and we can help you discover the best spots before you start your cruise vacation. Find our suggested London walking itineraries below – and welcome to a wonderful and fascinating world city. Besides enjoying London itself, you can also take the opportunity to explore … Read article

Panorama of Colosseum, make sure to visit when cruising from the Civitavecchia port of Rome

Cruise from Rome – the essential guide

Are you planning your next vacation and considering a cruise from Rome? Visiting the epicenter of the greatest empire in history for the first time will give you goosebumps. It’s not surprising that this remarkable city, steeped in history and tale, has a permanent place as a bucket list destination … Read article

Cruising from the port of Southampton

Cruise from Southampton – the essential guide

Located in the middle of the southern coastline of England, Southampton is a regular port of call for a manyruise ships. It is one of the world’s largest ports and is still growing. Southampton’s maritime history stretches back hundreds of years, made famous in 1912 as the home port of … Read article

Tips when cruising from Barcelona

Cruise from Barcelona – the essential guide

Barcelona is a true gem on the spectacular Costa Brava. Make the most of your cruise vacation and spend some time in the city before you board your cruise from Barcelona. Barcelona Cruise Port (Port de Barcelona) is easy to reach, located close to the town at the end of … Read article