How to choose cruise cabins and mistakes to avoid

Choosing cruise cabins and common mistakes to avoid

Your choice of cabin onboard your cruise ship can make or break your cruising experience. It’s worth taking your time and studying the cruise ship deck plan before you decide, so that you can see exactly where the cabins are in relation to the public areas on board. Then of … Read article

How to avoid some of the most common and costly mistakes when you book flights

Costly mistakes to avoid when booking cheap flights

Everyone loves a great deal when booking flights. But unfortunately, booking flights while only focusing on price can cost you more in the end. When choosing an airline and booking a flight, you must look at the whole picture. Otherwise, you may be saving money in one place to spend … Read article

15 great tips for family travel with children and infants

15 tips for family travel with children (and infants)

Over the years, we have booked hundreds of families on fantastic combination vacations. Along the way, we have learned the tricks to make the whole experience a bit sweeter for the families and a little less stressful. After all, a holiday is a holiday, and you want it to start … Read article

WiFi on cruise ships

Free Wifi On Cruise Ships – is it possible?

Is it possible to get free WiFi on cruise ships? How do cruise internet packages work, and are they worth the cost? Information about free WiFi and internet packages are some of the most popular questions by cruise travelers. After all, a lot of information is out there, and sometimes … Read article

5 things to learn and remember from travel during times of crisis

Travel in times of crisis – 5 things to learn & remember

The travel industry is truly global, and we feel it significantly when an adverse event affects many people simultaneously. Should it be earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, senseless acts of war or terror, hurricanes, or a pandemic, we worry about our customers and partners at airlines, hotels, resorts, and cruise ships … Read article

Cruising from the port of Southampton

Cruise from Southampton – the essential guide

We stayed near Southampton cruise port and explored southern England before our cruise. The Jurassic Coastline is spectacular – a highlight of our trip! Southampton – an ideal base to explore Southern England before your cruise Located in the middle of the southern coastline of England, Southampton is a regular … Read article

Cruise Scandinavia and the Baltics – land of the Vikings

Cruise Scandinavia and the Baltics and discover the Nordic culture and culinary excellence in the land of the Vikings! This region of Europe is known for fresh air, great outdoors, magical northern lights, and some of the highest living standards in the world. Choosing to cruise Scandinavia and the Baltics … Read article

Combining airlines can savr you money but be careful

Can Combining Airlines Save You Money?

In this article we look at how combining airlines in one trip can save you money, what you should look out for, and if you should do it at all. Virtual interlining – what is it and how can we use it? Virtual interlining is the concept of creating a … Read article

When you should book with a travel agent and debunking 3 common myths

Should you use a travel agent to book your cruise vacation?

If you have a trusted travel agent who has helped you book your vacations in the past, then most likely, you will use them again to book your cruise package. The rest of us will enjoy planning and booking our own cruise vacation. We will take the time to research … Read article

Start saving for that trip already today

7 ways to start saving for your dream cruise

A well planned trip will create bonds, shared references and memories impossible to value in cents and dollars. But nevertheless trips do cost money. Here are some tips on how to start saving for that trip of your dreams. After all, we find that a little bit extra goes a … Read article

Travel agent advice on finding cheaper flights

10 ways to find cheaper flights

There is money to be saved when booking flights, and you should always spend time researching to find cheaper flights that suit your cruise vacation. But be careful to avoid analysis paralysis where all of a sudden, nothing is good enough—that moment when the price is all that matters down … Read article

Book a cruise and avoid common mistakes

12 tips for booking a cruise and common mistakes to avoid

Congratulations! You’ve decided on your dream cruise destination and are ready to book! Follow our 12 top tips when making a cruise booking to ensure you avoid common mistakes. 1. Cruise information Have all your cruise information to hand when booking a cruise booking. This may seem obvious, but we … Read article